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Environmental Sustainability

For our company, being sustainable has always been a goal as the company is located within a naturalistic park. Starting from this connection with the territory, we use our resources to make our production more and more sustainable.

Since 2016, the company has been committed to publishing a report on environmental and social sustainability that we distribute to all our customer brands.

The adoption of the 4sustainability® Chemical management protocol allows us to improve our sustainability journey while respecting the MRSL ZDHC.
Committing to respecting the principles of ZDHC, we work every day to eliminate toxic and harmful substances from our production cycles.

Energy Saving

In all our production phases we are very attentive to waste, we use energy saving systems such as LED lighting, waste water heat recovery and inverters present on every engine of every machinery we use.

Recycling of Waste

Recycling is the basis of a circular economy. In addition to constantly researching the fibers used and the finishing processes with a low environmental impact, we are committed to recycling the waste fabrics from our production as much as possible. The waste produced is recovered according to current regulations and where possible we give space to recycling.

Packaging and Materials of Use

We are increasingly using recycled or certified fibers to reduce the environmental impact. For some years we have also been attentive to the use of plastic both for packaging and for beverage bottles, as a matter of fact we have distributed water bottles to our employees and created stations where they can collect water. We have replaced the plastic cups and stirrers with compostable materials.

Social Responsability

Social responsability is engraved in the way we do business.
We promote Made in Italy, support local communities and the development of the territory in which we operate.
We are committed to promoting associations that help women in difficulty such as the QUID Project.
We also collaborate with ARCA DI COMO, social co-op that helps people with addictions to get clean and rehabilitate.

Every year we participate in projects with fashion schools, academies and universities to cultivate new talents in the textile and fashion industy.

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