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Luigi Verga Silk Weavers has embraced the Como silk tradition in the textile sector for tens of years embodying craftmanship-like attention to technique, trends and creativity. Clients from all over the world appreciate our work and our textiles. Together with our stylists we help bring ideas to life giving our textiles a vast range of new forms. For three generations we weave, run and export trackable textiles “Made in Italy” with great pride and passion.
Luigi Verga Silk Weavers was founded in 1940 by Mr Luigi Verga as a weavers’ studio, today it is managed by his daughters Adriana and Mariella Verga that have carried forward the tradition of Como’s fine silk textiles with pride making “Made in Italy” famous throughout the world.

Today, the founder’s grandchildren also participate in the running of the company continuing their grandfather’s work. In the 1960’s the company worked exclusively in weaving but then decided to intergrate and develop new aspects into its core business to include printing and finishing. Thanks to this choice Luigi Verga Silk Weavers acquired an important role in the international market place conferming itself to be market leader in the production of textiles in womens’ clothing. In the 1990’s notwithstanding the sectorial trend to relocate overseas the company decided to continue textile production in Italy avoiding unnecessary depletion of resources abroad to maintain tracability and the “Made in Italy”. In 1999 the company acquired Samco a business specialised in loom textiles with an additional department involved in hand painted textiles. Another important aspect represented by the process of innovative change over the same period running until the beginning of 2000 was fundamentally when the family decided to improve relations with the market. It invested heavily in a highly skilled workforce which together helped postion themselves as one of the top level producers of high quality textiles.

The results that follow have rewarded the entrpreneurial choices made and have created the condtions to allow the company to go forward with an investment in January 2002 which included the re-development and up-dating of the weaving department. Luigi Verga Silk Weavers now offer new weaving using the Jacquard loom that is more sensitive and quick and able to obtain a high level of flexibility in terms of the production and in the product itself. The new production lay-out allow us to guarantee our clients quality samples, a high level of service with a considerable reduction in our lead-time. The investment in technology was completed in 2006 with the opening of the Inkjet Department and with it the relative training of its personnel. Today the company boasts a team of around 80 people that together produce 40% of the company’s turnover from the national market while the remaining 60% from the market both in Europe and internationally. Luigi Verga Silk Work’s philosphy is to be considered a partner to its clients and not a supplier.

It is fundamental for the client especially in today’s unpredictable market to find a partner that knows how to respond to its needs in a rapid and competent way. For this our company has become highly felixible offering special skills that respond to clients’ special needs, this in-turn provides quality products rapidly onto the market maitaining our high level of craftsmanship at all times. Thanks to the SERI Certification (A devriation of the ISO 9000), the company has managed to "fine-tune a series of company processes. In particular, special attention has been placed on the production process, the product, work methods and the internal organisation of the work place. Furthermore, the company pays a lot of attention in the importance of registering every drawing created to render each textile unique with its ownership guaranteed purely to the company itself. 

Luigi Verga Silk Weavers has been part of Como Confinindustria since 1940 and as a result has been appropriately placed with the Sistema Moda Italia (SMI).SMI represents all the Italian clothing textile industry which has, as a protocol, formulated conforming conditions regarding supply, specifications and company regulations to ensure clear contractual understanding between all clients with an aim in generating simple and transparent relations within the textile industry. Quality srandards have also been completely revised to aid in the correct adherence to the established conditions including complex data analysis regarding dye stability where numbers have been recorded using current technology for “minimum value”.