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Luigi Verga printing factory has several divisions that work together to provide a complete and dynamic service for our customers.



Our proposals are the result of a careful search for new trends, without ever forgetting the Como silk tradition and the technological innovation that has always distinguished Tessitura Stamperia Luigi Verga.

Our fabrics reflect the company's know-how, placing it in the luxury market. Reliability and high quality products are what allow us to count the most famous designers in the world among our regular customers. The combination of craftsmanship precision and attention to sustainability allows us to present innovative and high quality fabrics.



The Luigi Verga Casa division creates and produces a wide selection of Jacquard fabrics, printed and hand-painted fabrics for the furniture market and interior designers. Our proposal also includes high quality outdoor fabrics with unconventional designs and yarns.
The division develops special projects at the customer's request, studying with them every detail regarding performance and style.

We also make furnishing accessories such as cushions and plaids, customizing them with the customer's needs.
We also take care of personalizing events with table linen and hand-painted accessories.



The accessory division offers a wide choice of jacquard and print bottoms for the creation of brand accessories collections. We create tailor-made accessories and garments for our customers with great attention to detail. Customization is our strength by studying every detail from the fabric to the tailoring together with the customer.


Special Projects

Each division has internally qualified technicians to develop specials that meet the needs of our customers.
Every day we create special projects tailored to the customer, as a matter of fact we have always dedicated ourselves to the custom made for the best luxury brands.
The synergy between our technicians and the customer allows us to analyze and create unique projects. Our custom-made fabrics are the result of our long experience in the sector, they reflect the craftsmanship and promote the Made in Italy.
By designing fabrics we take sustainabilityinto account which today is the key element for the success of a good product.



Our company was founded a long time ago and so was our archive, it was 1940 when Luigi Verga started his business as an entrepreneur in the textile world.
Our fabrics have always been a source of inspiration for the birth of new ideas and collections.
We believe that the archive is an asset to be used with the utmost care.
Many of the innovative ideas are picked up and reviewed right here.
With archival fabrics we give a new shape to the past, making it sustainable and contemporary at the same time.

Luigi Verga Como


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