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The Yarn: from its origin to its rebirth

For decades, Tessitura e Stamperia Luigi Verga Spa has been a beacon of excellence in the world of luxury fashion, renowned for creating the highest quality fabrics. Today, we are about to unveil a brand-new chapter; an extraordinary journey in a world where time is a precious commodity. We believe that having a partner who promptly attends to your needs with its expertise is of vital importance.

is a byproduct of the weaving process.

Our strong belief toward a sustainable present is deeply rooted in every aspect of our production. We earnestly follow the 4sustainability® protocol and have obtained the GOTS certification. Everyday we strive to improve every step in our production cycle. We adopt sustainable practices that reduce waste and cut down on environmentally harmful substances, integrating sustainability into the very core of our corporate identity.

Today, we are excited to introduce a resounding project in our commitment toward sustainability: "The Yarn: from its origins to its rebirth."
This journey begins with weaving. This generates waste yarn and a scrap is born, and alongside it, an extraordinary opportunity.

The road to a sustainable future

With the partnership of the ARCA Association, our sustainability project is brought to life thanks to the hands of enthusiastic and devoted women who are committed to removing yarn after yarn from the selvedge. This brings new life to yarns that were once discarded.

The ARCA Association: A Journey Toward Rebirth

The Arca association in Como is a non-profit association founded in 1982. Its mission is centered around welfare and improving social inclusion. It runs four therapy and rehabilitation centers that offer personalized treatments focused on recovery and rehabilitation and social inclusion. The ultimate goal is reintroducing individuals back into their communities, ensuring their wellbeing and autonomy, and reestablishing values often overlooked during periods of hardship.

The Rebirth

Threading a new tomorrow

This journey symbolizes a rebirth, not only for the young women residing at the ARCA association but also for the waste fabrics. They both find new life, as a symbol of rebirth and transformation. This shared experience represents the core of a new beginning, a tangible sign of the willingness to transform the past into the future. It is in this scenario that waste yarn finds new life.

Garnetting: Just like Magic

The process of garneting is magical. Here, the scraps are combed, detangled and transformed into a material similar to wadding.
It is a moment when the old gives way to the new, where scrap yarn starts its new journey.

Carding: The Dance of the Fibers

Carding is truly a dance in which the fibers are loosened, detangled and placed parallelly. It forecasts rebirth, and foreshadows the following step: a brand new weave.

Weaving: The Rebirth of Life Itself

And last but not least, weaving.
This is where selvedge is once again threaded into yarn, the heart of new and entirely sustainable fabrics.

It is an ever changing life cycle, a tale of rebirth in which the past is transformed into the future.

The Yarn: from its origin to its rebirth

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